The Hackney Area Table Enthusiasts Old School Renaissance 1-day Convention
    Saturday 24th September 2016

  • What's HATE OSR CON?

    It's a small RPG convention, aimed at recreating and reimagining the best of the early days of roleplay such as Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, Gamma World, Tunnels & Trolls, RuneQuest, but also DungeonWorld, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, 13th Age, LotFP, Stars Without Number, etc. These games are characterised by a player's innovation rather than characters skills and attributes.


    We've got games of Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster(!), Lamentations Of The Flame Princess, Red And Pleasant Land, a Traveller / Stars Without Number Black Hack mashup, Bushido, Mutant / Dungeon Crawl Classics and Top Secret running. A £5 ticket gets you into the convention and two 3 and a half hour games. Doors open 9.30am for a 10am start.

    Since we play in private bar, the event is 18+ only.


    Tickets are limited, cost £5 for the whole day, and can be bought through PayPal.

    A ticket entitles you to play in both a morning and afternoon session. You'll receive an email after buying a ticket with further game sign-up details.

  • What games are running?

    We've got two session times, 10am and 2.30pm. Games run for 3.5 hours, with an hour for lunch and ending at 6pm. We're still looking for more GMs to run games for 5-6 players.
    Morning Session (10am)

    1. Adventure Beyond the Stars
      (Stars Without Number/Black Hack)
    2. A Red & Pleasant Land - SOLD OUT
      (Lamentations Of The Flame Princess)
    3. Secret Of The Smugglers Cove - all day
    4. On the Discovery of Witches
      (Lamentations Of The Flame Princess)
    5. A2 Secret Of The Slavers Stockade - SOLD OUT
      (Dungeons & Dragons)
    6. Shikon no Tamashii - SOLD OUT
    7. The Museum At The End Of Time
      (Mutant Crawl Classics)

    Lunchtime Bring And Buy 1.30pm - 2.30pm


    Afternoon Session (2.30pm)


    1. Hidden Fane Of The Demonlords - SOLD OUT
      (1st ed Advanced Dungeons & Dungeons hacked)
    2. Secret Of The Smugglers Cove - all day
    3. A Strange and Terrible Wonder - SOLD OUT
      (Lamentations Of The Flame Princess)
    4. Operation SkyHook - SOLD OUT
      (Top Secret)
    5. A3 Assault On The Aerie Of The Slave Lords - SOLD OUT
      (Dungeons & Dragons)
    6. Children of the Void - SOLD OUT
      (Classic Call Of Cthulhu)
    7. The Shambling Un-dead
      (Dungeon Crawl Classics)

    When you have bought a ticket, you'll receive an email about how to sign up for games.

  • Adventure Beyond the Stars

    Name: Adventure Beyond the Stars

    DM's Name: James Flowers
    Time : 10am - 1.30pm
    System: OSR Stars without number/Black Hack mashup
    Max players: 5 - 2 remaining
    Description: The 32nd century. Set in the depths of space, the Adventure Beyond the Stars takes the players into a deepening mystery of who hired them and why indeed they were hired at all.


    You find yourselves chased from the outset by The 9 , the corporations that run the J systems. After 'the job' went wrong, nothing but trouble has befallen you, and now the tide is turning, the stakes have never been higher except and you all have no memory of what you did.


  • A Red And Pleasant Land

    Name: A Red & Pleasant Land
    DM's Name: Tim Bennett

    Time : 10am - 1.30pm

    System: Lamentations of The Flame Princess

    Max players: 4 - SOLD OUT

    Description: A gothic and weird OD&D retroclone set in a Lewis Carol/Alice in Wonderland world. The game will be a sandboxy dungeoncrawl and suitable for beginners and veterans alike.


  • Secret Of The Smugglers Cove

    Name: Secret of the smugglers cove

    DM's Name: Mike Davey

    Time: 10.00am - 6pm, 1 hour for lunch

    System: Classic Rolemaster

    Max players: 6 - 1 remaining

    Description: A merchant guild from a distant city sends the PCs to investigate the tragedy of the Nymph's Kiss and the operation of the Fair Haven lighthouse. The
    merchant guild wants to send several shipments of
    cargo to Fair Haven, but only if the treacherous
    waters near there can be safely navigated. The guild
    offers 500 g.p. each to investigate the matter and
    re-establish the lighthouse operation. Level 10 pregens provided.

  • On the Discovery of Witches

    DM's Name: Matthew Sanderson

    Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

    Adventure name: On the Discovery of Witches

    System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

    Max players: 6 - 1 remaining

    Description: August 1647. A band of witchfinders are cleansing East Anglia, doing the Lord's work. So far they have had an easy ride, but tonight, that changes.


    Between the Civil Wars, a fear of witchcraft has spread across East Anglia. While some brave souls travel from town to town trying to cleanse the land of this taint, they are outnumbered by those who have seen it as an opportunity to make some quick bit of cash. One such group, driven by money, and maybe a little thirst for adventure, find themselves in North Norfolk as the fog rolls in from across the ocean. They have been lucky enough to avoid the supernatural in their exploits so far. Tonight, their luck just ran out.

  • A Strange and Terrible Wonder

    DM's Name: Matthew Sanderson

    Time: 2.30pm - 6pm

    Adventure name: A Strange and Terrible Wonder

    System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

    Max players: 6 - SOLD OUT

    Short Description: September 1647. A family in desperate need call upon the help of a renowned band of witchfinders. One by one, the family are being killed by a ghostly black dog - the dreaded Black Shuck.


    Having earned a reputation of doing the Lord's work throughout East Anglia, with a lot of success, the party are approached by a messenger. A family in Bungay, Suffolk, are being terrorized by what they claim to be a demon sent from Hell itself. The feared, legendary ghostly black dog, Black Shuck, is hunting down the family one-by-one. In their desperation, the family beg the witchfinders for help. How can the dog be stopped? Why is it targeting the family? Will the witchfinder become a new prey for the black dog?

    This can be played as a continuation of "On the Discovery of Witches" but it is not mandatory to partake in both. Players can play either or both scenarios if they choose.

  • Shikon no Tamashii

    Name: Shikon no Tamashii; or, "Curb your pathetic peasant superstition!"

    DM's Name: Francis Gene-Rowe

    Time: 10am - 1.30pm

    System: Bushido

    Max players: 6 - SOLD OUT
    Description: Action, investigation and supernatural shenanigans in feudal Japan. Whether you're a seasoned gamer, eminent Japanophile or curious beginner, the adventure and intrigue of Bushido makes for an exciting, if often deadly ride. Know your place in society – or transcend it.

  • The Museum At The End Of Time

    Name : The Museum At The End Of Time

    DM's Name: Julian Hayley

    Time : 10 am - 1.30pm

    System: Mutant Crawl Classics

    Max players: 6 players - 2 remaining


    A Post-Apocalyptic 0 Level Adventure Funnel. Set in an ambiguous time period after a great disaster has ravaged the World. You and your fellow PC's play the young mutant, primitive tribes people, the younglings of The Tribe of Cog. The adults of the tribe have decreed now is the time for your Rite of Passage into adulthood and full membership and status within the tribe. Your task is a simple but potentially dangerous if not fatal one. Go out into radioactive deserts or hothouse jungles of Terra A.D and collect the long lost artifacts of The Ancient Ones in order to gain power and savage glory for you and your tribe. So dare you quest for curios and oddities long discarded and only half remembered ? Are you prepared to party like it's 1978 all over again? This game has been recently Kickstarted and this particular adventure was part of Goodman's Games Free RPG Day offering for 2016 and in style is very similar to DCC ( Dungeon Crawl Classics) and in part owes it's inspiration to games such as Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha.

  • Operation SkyHook

    Adventure name: Operation SkyHook

    DM's Name: Dan Barker
    Time: 2.30pm
    System: Top Secret
    Max players: 7 - 3 remaining

    Daniel Louis van Halteren, a notorious arms dealer is holed up in his villa near Barcelona. It is believed he has maps that provide locations of several terrorist cells as well as key information on separatist groups within Europe.

    Van Hateren has a vineyard located in the vineyards of the Priorat. Somehow he has flown under the RADAR of local authorities, possibly through corrupt politicos in the area. He has been key in arming several terrorist groups within Europe: ETA, IRA etc, as well as several regimes in Africa and the Middle East. He is key to instability in those areas, and it is believed he has vital information to undermine terrorist operations in Europe and Africa.
    Your team is to undertake the following:
    1) Secure maximum information on terrorist operations.
    2) Capture or neutralise Van Halteren.
    The team will approach the location before dawn using parachutes. After concealing you arrival, you will penetrate the villa and fulfil your mission objectives. You will commandeer one of Van Halterens' vehicles to make your exit and drive to our safehouse in Barcelona.

    Secrecy is of the utmost importance. If the terrorists believe their operations have been compromised they will relocate. Van Halterens' disappearance must be explained or his death must appear accidental.

  • Secret Of The Slavers Stockade

    Name: A2 - Secret Of The Slavers Stockade

    DM's Name: Greg Misterioso
    Time : 10am - 1.30pm
    System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
    Max players: 5 - 1 remaining

    A2: Secret of the Slavers Stockade: The battle against the slavers continues! You and your fellow adventurers have defeated the slavers of Highport, but you have learned of the existence of another slaver stronghold, and you have decided to continue the attack. But beware! Only the most fearless of adventurers could challenge the slavers on their own ground, and live to tell of it!

    This is played using the tournament subset of the adventure and continues into the A3 Assault on the aerie of the slave lords in the afternoon. You don't have to play the afternoon session to play in this. The adventure is run using the AD&D rules using OSRIC, with the free PDF here

  • Assault On The Aerie Of The Slave Lords

    Name: A3 Assault On The Aerie Of The Slave Lords

    DM's Name: Greg Misterioso
    Time : 2.30pm - 6pm
    System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
    Max players: 5 SOLD OUT

    A3: Assault On The Aerie Of The Slave Lords: Into the Drachensgrab Mountains! Hot on the trail of the marauding slavers, you and your fellow adventurers plunge deep into hostile hills. Spurred on by your past success, you now seek the heart of the slaver conspiracy. But hurry! Your must move quickly before the slavers recover from your previous forays and attack!

    This is played using the tournament subset of the adventure and is a continuation of the morning A2 session, however you don't have to played in that to join in.The adventure is run using the AD&D rules using OSRIC, with the free PDF here

  • Hidden Fane Of The Demonlords

    Name: Hidden Fane Of The Demonlords
    DM's Name: Sasha Bilton
    Time: 2.30pm-6pm
    System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons...hacked!
    Max players: 6 - SOLD OUT

    The malignant influence of the Fane of the Demonlords has long lingered over the green and good Shields Lands, but nobody has been able to pinpoint it’s exact location. Indeed there were those that say it moves about the country. But no more! A sheep herd no less found it, and escaped its clutches out near Nairen. Now all noble adventurers race to be the ones who put to the sword it’s wicked inhabitants, and your stalwart band is no exception.

    Expect traps, puzzles, 3d dungeon tiles, miniatures and lots and lots of action.

    Played using a simplified and streamlined version of AD&D that including ascending armour class, advantage & disadvantage rolls using pre-gen characters of 3rd level.

  • Children of the Void

    Adventure name: Children of the Void
    DM's Name: Nicolo Maioli

    Time: 2.30pm - 6pm
    System: Call of Cthulhu
    Max players: 4 - SOLD OUT

    Description: Something sinister is happening at the Orphan Asylum for Destitute and Abandoned Children of Melrose, Massachusetts. Kids going missing is one thing, but now that members of the staff have started to disappear under mysterious circumstances, the Watkins Foundation is determined to get to the bottom of the issue.

  • The Shambling Un-Dead

    Name: The Shambling Un-Dead
    DM's Name: Nigel Clarke
    Time : 2.40pm - 6pm
    System: DCC - Dungeon Crawl Classics
    Max players: 6 - 3 remaining

    Description: Peasants are trapped within varying sections of their native village during an un-dead apocalypse that will last from sunrise to sunrise. Since escape is impossible, survival by any means necessary is the name of the game.

    This will be run as a level-0 funnel, making it very suited to new players, but starting with one character per player unlike the usual funnel format. Replacement characters will come out of hiding in the village whenever required.


    The Bethnal Green Working Men's club.

    42 Pollard Row, London E2 6NB



    Parking: Free on Saturday only, at the west end of Columbia Road, London E2, 5-10 minutes walk.
    Tube: Bethnal Green (central line)

    Train: Bethnal Green

    Access: The club has poor disability access as there are steps into the venue, and down to the con area.


    The Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts was formed in 2013 by a group of Warhammer 40K and Dungeons & Dragons players so that we could have a venue to play regularly in. In 2014 we found our venue and spiritual home at the Bethnal Green Working Men's club. Since then it's grown into one of London's largest regular games club, and as our player base diversified so did the number of games played at the club.

    We now have two rooms, one dedicated to miniature & board gaming, while the other holds three or four regular roleplaying game groups.

    For more information about the club, visit our Facebook page.


    If you have further question please ask via the form at the bottom and we'll get back to you ASAP.

    Code Of Conduct

    Don't be a dick.

    The Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts will brook no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism, either in word or deed. As our favourite wizard says "¡No pasarán!". If you do so you'll be shown the door.


    HATE is a club for people who aim to have fun by making gaming fun for their fellow players.

    Can I pre-book a game?


    Shortly after buying a ticket, you'll get an email listing the currently available games, and your first, second and third choices for each slot. Booking will be done on a first come, first served basis. 

    Can I run a game?


    We're still looking for a few GMs to run games. Send us a message using the feedback & questions section and we'll send you brief form to fill in. 

    Is there food & drink at the venue?

    No, and Yes! ​

    The venue doesn't do food, but it's a bar and serves both relatively cheap regular drinks as well as its own 3 Sods craft beer. You're welcome to bring your own food or buy it locally and eat it in the venue.